Rice Puller

We buy Functional Toys & curio Items.

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We can BUY the following Items:
Rice Puller
(Rice Pulling Items), Rice Toucher, Rice Repeller (Rice Thrower), Clove Puller, Clove Toucher, Flame Bender *.
Any item which attracts rice like a magnet is called a Rice Puller (RP). more ..

Email : info@ricepuller.com
Tel. : 11 AM - to - 6 PM
Mr. Sharma - 9818404749 (Delhi, India)
Please DO NOT give us 'missed calls'. We will not call back.
Please DO NOT send information on 'SMS'. We will not respond.
Please DO NOT send images or videos of the item/s.
Please DO NOT ask for 'Profile'.
# We have NO Branches.
# We have NOT appointed any Representatives.

Please DO NOT contact us if your RP is fake.

We do not want items which have magnetic properties for iron.
If an iron pin sticks to an item, please don't discuss it with us.


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