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We can BUY the following Items:

Rice Puller (Rice Pulling Items), Rice Toucher, Rice Repeller (Rice Thrower), Clove Puller, Clove Toucher, Flame Bender *.
Any item which attracts rice like a magnet is called a Rice Puller (RP). more ..

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Mr. Sharma – 9818404749
(Delhi, India)


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Please DO NOT contact us if your RP is fake.

We do not want items which have magnetic properties for iron.
If an iron pin sticks to an item, please don’t discuss it with us.

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PLEASE NOTE: There are many people who will try to cheat you by saying that they have an Item and will try to take money from you. Please stay away from such people and call us for any guidance / information.

DISCLAIMER: This site is for information / guidance only. RicePuller.com and its owners are not responsible for any action taken by you as a consequence of our suggestions. We strongly request you not to deal in or discuss products which are banned or illegal.

Simple explanation of Rice Pulling items

… for common people like us …

The following information is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

  1. What is a Rice Puller?
    Well, in simple terms, any item which attracts (or pulls) ‘rice’ (like a magnet attracts iron particles) is called a Rice Puller. These are rare and very difficult to find.
  2. Can you give examples of Rice Pullers?
    Yes! We assume Rice Pulling properties are mostly found in copper items like coins, vessels, plates, rods, tumblers (glass), bowls (katori), pots, etc..More examples: wood, stones, gold, silver, iron, trees, tamarind pulp, doors, pillars, etc..
  3. Where are Rice Pullers found?
    Where can I find a Rice Puller?

    Rice Pullers have mostly been reported to have been found in villages, in remote areas, sometimes buried under houses, fields etc..
  4. What are the tests required to check a Rice Puller?
    It is very important to check whether an item is a genuine Rice Puller or not. Go to Test.RicePuller.com and perform all the tests. If the item passes all the tests, then it might be a genuine Rice Puller.
  5. How do I safely store an RP (Rice Puller)?
    A Rice Puller is ‘anti-electricity.’ Rice Pullers interfere with electronic & electrical items. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers.Rice Pullers have a radiation which ‘may’ harm a person (not confirmed). Go to Pack.RicePuller.com and follow the simple steps to safely pack and store your RP.
  6. Is it safe to carry an RP (Rice Puller)?
    How can I safely carry/transport a Rice Puller?
    Will the power/property of a Rice Puller go under a high-power electrical wire?
    As mentioned above, Rice Pullers are ‘anti-electricity’. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers in transit (travelling).We believe that the power / property of a genuine RP will never go away, will never be destroyed, will never be lost, even if you hang it on a high-power (high tension) electric wire. Despite this, you should take maximum precaution to safeguard your product.Go to Pack.RicePuller.com and follow the simple steps to safely pack and store your RP.


The following information is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
We can buy an item which purports to display natural (not manmade & not artificially made) properties mentioned below.
We reserve the right to refuse to purchase an item with the following properties if we suspect any humanly induced function.


# Wash the Item with any detergent powder and water (like surf).

# Wash the Item with saline water (salt + water).

# Wash it with plain water and dry it.

# Rub dry cotton and newspaper on the Item.

# Let the Item come to normal room temperature before you begin to test it.

Take a small iron stapler pin and bring it near the RP. It should not stick to RP. It should also not be automatically pushed away (repelled).

The item should not have any magnetic properties for iron, neither pulling nor repelling.

(If the pin sticks or if it is repelled, then RP is fake.)

Get fresh rice from home preferably fresh de-husked rice.

(Do not use sellers rice as they do gimmicks as they use chemicals kept hidden in fingernails.)

Keep the rice very near the item for attraction. Note the time taken and distance pulled and color.

(You can also use rice from your home that is used for cooking.)

Time taken for the color of rice to change after sticking.

Time taken for the rice to fall after sticking.

Take these tested / dusted rice & place them on a flat surface towards untested rice and check for attraction.

Fill a non-metallic glass with water and place 4 tested rice on the water surface (as in 4 corners). After some time they will come towards the center. The rice should turn to yellow or brown in color.

Now bring an iron pin over the centre; the rice will move away.

Remove the pin and they will come to the centre again.

(If rice turns to BLUE COLOR then RP is a fake.)

Fill 1 inch water in a non-metallic glass; put plain (un-tested) rice in it; they will settle at the bottom.

Now sprinkle some tested "rice dust" on the water.

The plain rice will stand vertically at the bottom of the glass. They may also rise up and stick to the tested "rice dust" and hang below the water surface.

Take a thin copper wire (18 guage) and wind 2 or 3 turns on the RP and leave the other end hanging out.

Now do the INSTANT PULLING TEST. The copper wire should pull rice same as with the RP itself.

Take a plastic torch running on 2 leakproof pencil cells (having metal casing), which has an incandescent (filament) bulb. Remove its front glass and switch it on and hold it at a distance of about half inch from the Item. Keep another similar plastic torch about 5 to 10 feet away from the Item. Switch on both the torches together.

You must also keep an iron pin near the Item while doing the Torch Test. If the iron pin sticks to the Item while doing the Torch Test, then the Item is fake.

Note the time taken for the torch light (near the Item) to be completely dimmed. If it is happening in just a few minutes, then it is good. Also note that the light of the other Torch is still bright or not.

If the light of any torch flickers (blinks) that means there is loose connection inside the torch. Shake the torch till the light is stable and continue with the test.

If the light of the torch placed near the Item goes very dim quickly, switch it off and switch it on after about 2 minutes. If the light remains low (dim), then Torch Test is successful.


… for common people like us …

The following information is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

We believe that the power/property of an RP will never go away even without packing.
A Rice Puller is ‘anti-electricity.’ Rice Pullers interfere with electronic & electrical items. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers. Rice Pullers have a radiation which ‘may’ harm a person (not confirmed).

You may follow these simple steps to safely pack to store or carry your RP:

The following packing procedure is merely our suggestion. We do not guarantee safety of your Item/RP by following our guidelines.

If your RP is small, it is relatively safer to pack and carry it. If it is a large item, you have to be very careful in handling it. The best thing to do is to let the RP remain where it is and we will take care of it when we come to check and buy it.

#Wrap the RP in cotton
#If your RP is small (coin, etc.), take a big soap (optional) used in washing clothes, and cut the soap in half.
* make a hole so that the RP can fit inside easily
* then put the RP inside and bring the 2 soap pieces together
#wrap it in carbon paper with the carbon side facing down (inside)
#wrap it in another carbon paper facing up (outside)
#wrap it in another carbon paper facing down (inside)
#repeat the above a few times
#if your RP is small (coin, etc..), put the above in a condom (a condom is a very good quality rubber) and then in a polythene bag and start testing the packing by putting untested rice as explained 3 steps below
#wrap a soft & thick plastic sheet (polythene) around the above
#wrap it with white sticking tape used by doctors
#now wrap it several times in rubber tyre tube used in cycle/cars/truck (depending on size)
#place this packed piece on a plain wooden surface and sprinkle lots of untested basmati rice on and around it
#wait for half an hour and see if any rice sticks to the packing AND pick a grain of rice and rub it between your fingers and see if it breaks into pieces
#even if one rice grain sticks OR if it breaks into pieces after rubbing between your fingers, add more packing material + carbon papers + plastic sheet + white tape + tyre tube
#again test the packing with untested rice for about half an hour
#if rice does not stick BUT still changes color OR becomes powder (or even in larger pieces) when rubbed between your fingers, then add more packing
#test the packing again
#if rice does not stick, does not change color and also does not become powder, add one more final layer of packing material + carbon papers + plastic sheet + white tape + tyre tube
#finally put it in a wooden box (optional)
#We also recommend doing the Torch Test on your packing.

Now it is ready to store / carry.

Despite the above, we advise you,
Never carry the packed RP in an airplane / aeroplane / train.

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