Simple explanation of Rice Pulling items

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  1. What is a Rice Puller?
    Well, in simple terms, any item which attracts (or pulls) ‘rice’ (like a magnet attracts iron particles) is called a Rice Puller. These are rare and very difficult to find.
  2. Can you give examples of Rice Pullers?
    Yes! We assume Rice Pulling properties are mostly found in copper items like coins, vessels, plates, rods, tumblers (glass), bowls (katori), pots, etc..More examples: wood, stones, gold, silver, iron, trees, tamarind pulp, doors, pillars, etc..
  3. Where are Rice Pullers found?
    Where can I find a Rice Puller?

    Rice Pullers have mostly been reported to have been found in villages, in remote areas, sometimes buried under houses, fields etc..
  4. What are the tests required to check a Rice Puller?
    It is very important to check whether an item is a genuine Rice Puller or not. Go to and perform all the tests. If the item passes all the tests, then it might be a genuine Rice Puller.
  5. How do I safely store an RP (Rice Puller)?
    A Rice Puller is ‘anti-electricity.’ Rice Pullers interfere with electronic & electrical items. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers.Rice Pullers have a radiation which ‘may’ harm a person (not confirmed). Go to and follow the simple steps to safely pack and store your RP.
  6. Is it safe to carry an RP (Rice Puller)?
    How can I safely carry/transport a Rice Puller?
    Will the power/property of a Rice Puller go under a high-power electrical wire?
    As mentioned above, Rice Pullers are ‘anti-electricity’. It is very important to protect electronic & electrical items from Rice Pullers in transit (travelling).We believe that the power / property of a genuine RP will never go away, will never be destroyed, will never be lost, even if you hang it on a high-power (high tension) electric wire. Despite this, you should take maximum precaution to safeguard your product.Go to and follow the simple steps to safely pack and store your RP.

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